Dimitri Kozyreff
2009 -        

2006 - 2009

2002 - 2006

1999 - 2002

1996 - 1999 

1995 - 1996

1991 - 1995
Owner, DSK-Consult

Finance & Administration Manager, John  Claes group

Finance & Administration Manager,  BruCells

Financial Analyst, Eli Lilly & Co
(Senior) Financial Auditor,

 PricewaterhouseCoopers Brussels
Master of Sciences in Economics and Econometrics, University of Bristol, UK

Licence en Sciences Economiques, with distinction, ULB
Our people
•  Founder has 15 years of experience in Finance &  Administration.
  Reliable, organized, we are driven by Quality.
  We are focused financial people, with a broad   experience in small businesses
External services
  Our goal is to be a key business partner, providing reports and counsel.
  External services adapt to your requirements, with flexibility .
  Analysis of the evolution on a timely basis: monthly or quarterly

Your Return on Investment
    A leadership built on communication, motivation and expertise.
You see where the problems lie, so you take the appropriate actions.
  At any time we make sure to bring value added to your business.